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Download Membership or Subscription Forms

While the preferred method to join the Society or subscribe to its Journal is online, we recognize that not everyone necessarily shares our preference.

The following forms (PDF fill-out forms) are current and may be downloaded, optionally filled out on your computer, and printed out.  Lodges and other Masonic bodies are welcome and invited to print copies to make available for their members and visitors.

NOTE:  If you are maintaining a stock of our application forms for the convenience of your members, please check the pricing.  If the forms show only two membership classes at $39 and $49, you have outdated forms.  Please immediately destroy those forms and replace them with the forms below, which have been current since October 1, 2016.  Our policy is to return to sender all forms and checks for dues or subscriptions at the old rates.

We would also appreciate it if, rather than storing our PDF form on your website, that you simply provide a link to the form on our website.  That way your members will always have access to the most current version of the form.

FURTHER NOTE: Please ensure that the form you download has “12/16” in small type in the bottom right-hand corner. Our address changed on 29 Dec 2017 and there is no guarantee that mail sent to our old address will be properly forwarded.

All forms require Adobe Reader.  Get Adobe Reader

Membership Application Form – For those meeting the full membership requirements set forth on our Membership Information and Requirements page

Subscription Application Form – for Freemasons in Grand Lodge jurisdictions not in amity with CGMMNA, libraries/museums, Masonic Lodges, academic institutions, or any other interested party (e.g., interested non-Mason, new EA or FC Mason not yet raised)

If you need a renewal form, here they are:

Membership Renewal Form

Subscription Renewal Form