Reprint Policy

Policy for reprinting articles: These guidelines apply to the reuse of articles, figures, charts and photos in the Journal of The Masonic Society. Authors need NOT contact the Journal to obtain rights to reuse their own material. Authors are automatically granted permission to do the following:

• Reuse the article in print collections of their own writing.
• Present a work orally in its entirety; Use an article in a thesis and/or dissertation.
• Reuse a figure, photo and/or table in future commercial and noncommercial works.
• Post a copy of the article electronically.

Please note that Authors must include the following citation format when using material that appeared in the Journal: “This article was originally published in The Journal of The Masonic Society. Author(s). Title. Journal Year; Issue:pp-pp. © the Journal of The Masonic Society.” Apart from Author’s use, no material appearing in the Journal of The Masonic Society may be reprinted or electronically distributed without the written permission of the Editor-in-Chief.