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Officers and Board of Directors


Jay Hochberg

First Vice President

Oscar Alleyne

Second Vice President

Greg Knott


Nathan C. Brindle


Michael R. Poll

Editor Emeritus

Christopher L. Hodapp

Art Director

John Bridegroom


Board of Directors

John Bizzack — Third term expires 2022

Eric Diamond — Second term expires 2021

Mark Robbins — Third term expires 2022

Aaron Shoemaker — First term expires 2022

John Bridegroom — First term expires 2022*

Reed Fanning — First term expires 2022*

Chris Hodapp — First term expires 2022*


* Appointed at the 2021 Annual Meeting to fill vacancies; terms are interim and do not count against the three-term maximum.


Past Presidents

Roger S. VanGorden, 2008-2010

Michael R. Poll, 2010-2012

John R. “Bo” Cline, 2012-2014

James R. Dillman, 2014-2016

Kenneth W. Davis, 2016-2018

Patrick C. Craddock, 2018-2020