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Gift Memberships

Sorry, but we do not offer gift memberships. Here’s our philosophy on that.

We believe, first of all, that membership in any Masonic organization should be on a “free will and accord” basis. In addition, we require that each new member fill out the form and certify that he qualifies for membership per the stated requirements. There is also the question of extra work for the Secretary-Treasurer, who already has a day job and would prefer not to spend more of his free time (which is already pretty well booked) handling extra Society business. There are other problems with offering gift memberships that the officers and Board have identified over the past several years, not the least including where the bill for renewal should go, because our database is not set up to send the Journal to one address and the bill to another. Finally, we have in fact tried gift memberships on a limited basis in the past and find that they are simply unworkable. Therefore we do not offer gift memberships and do not anticipate ever doing so. Please do not ask us to make exceptions.