TMS Change of Postal Address Effective 29 Dec 2017

UPDATE, 21 Aug 2018:  The membership application form in Issue #41 of the Journal (Summer 2018) incorrectly contains the OLD mailing address.  If you are signing up by postal mail, please be sure to use the NEW mailing address, or your mail will be returned.  We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience.

We also continue to receive dues payments via bank-generated checks that are addressed to the OLD address.  If you pay your dues this way, please take the time to log into your bank portal and change the Payee Address for The Masonic Society accordingly.  We cannot guarantee that mail sent to the old address will continue to be forwarded, as it has now been over six months since we registered the change of address with the USPS.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

TMS was given notice this morning that our private mailbox provider is shutting down at close of business tomorrow (30 Dec 2017).  So I did a bit of a dance to get new mailing address in place today.

All postal mail should now be sent to the following address:

The Masonic Society
PO Box 80126
Indianapolis, IN 46280-0126

Anything that comes in to the old address starting Tuesday, January 2, 2018, will be returned to the post office (luckily, the same one where we just rented a box) and held for me to pick up, so hopefully we will not lose any mail.  I picked up the mail today (29 Dec) and processed received payments from members 02366 and 02912.  I will check again tomorrow (30 Dec) and pick up anything else that has been delivered by that time.  After tomorrow, I will check once or twice a week at the post office for any mail returned from the 1427 W 86th St address.

If mail is returned to you from the 1427 W 86th St address, please resend it to the new PO Box, or, if it was a renewal, you might consider renewing online instead.

Thanks for your understanding.  We certainly had no idea this was going to happen, or we would have made the change months ago.


Nathan Brindle, Secretary-Treasurer