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Before contacting the Secretary-Treasurer to ask about your membership status, please try the self-service membership status tool here.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions about The Masonic Society. However, please keep the following in mind:

What we are:

The Masonic Society is an independent Masonic research organization. We study the history, philosophy, symbolism, and other aspects of the Masonic Fraternity. Our members’ research is published in our quarterly Journal of The Masonic Society.

What we are not:

  • We are not a Masonic Lodge, nor are we a Masonic Grand Lodge.
  • We do not confer any degrees or orders of Freemasonry.
  • We do not provide genealogical, historical, or directory service information for any part of the Masonic Fraternity, except insofar as such information may be relevant to research conducted by our members.
  • We are not a museum and do not maintain any collection of artifacts; in particular, we are not a repository for the personal Masonic property — including but not limited to Masonic rings — of any Mason, living or deceased. (Indeed, if received, we would return any such property to its sender immediately.)
  • We are not a Masonic “lost and found”. If you’ve found a ring or some other item of Masonic regalia that you believe may have been lost, please don’t write to us and ask us to hold it or notify our members that you have it. You’d be a lot better off passing it to a lodge in the area, or even to the Grand Lodge in that jurisdiction. (As with museum items, “lost” items received will be immediately returned to sender.)

If you are looking for information on joining a lodge of Freemasons, or have general questions about the Masonic Fraternity, please see our page entitled “How to Become a Freemason”. Beyond that, we recommend a judicious Internet search — or, simply approach your local lodge. At least in the United States, Masonic Lodges are usually listed in the telephone book and often have square-and-compasses signs on their buildings.

Specific information or forms for any particular Grand Lodge must be obtained from that Grand Lodge, or from one of its subordinate lodges.

If you are looking for Masonic genealogy or history for specific persons who may or may not have been Freemasons, please contact the Grand Lodge in the jurisdiction where you believe the person was or may have been active as a Freemason. Here is a list of Grand Lodges in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Finally, if you are searching for your relative’s Masonic ring, or any other article of property for that matter, first of all be aware that you probably are not going to find it easily. That said, first contact the relative’s Lodge. If they don’t have it, try the Grand Lodge’s museum, if it has one. (Many Grand Lodge museums have boxes and boxes of artifacts donated by the survivors of deceased Masons.) And quite frankly, if neither the brother’s Lodge or the Grand Lodge museum have the artifact, it is probably going to be impossible to find. Jewelry in particular often ends up in “estate jewelry” collections having been essentially sold for scrap, and could be anywhere in the world if not already melted down for scrap value. In any case, short of these suggestions, we are completely unable to assist in any such search.

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Due to the recent retirement of our longtime Secretary/Treasurer, we have moved our post office box to a new location.  Effective November 1, 2022, all physical correspondence, including membership/subscription forms and dues payments, must be sent to this new address:

The Masonic Society

1701 E Edgewood Ave
PO Box 17397
Indianapolis, IN 46237-9998

Members and subscribers (and others) need to change their records as soon as possible to reflect our new postal address. Thanks for your interest and your understanding.