Changes Now In Progress At The Masonic Society

Greetings All!

The Masonic Society (TMS) has remained steadfast in service to Freemasonry over the past fourteen years. Our aim is simple: Provide high quality historic, artistic, and educational masonic content in the form of our Journal.

The pandemic has created clear challenges for many individuals and businesses across the world. TMS was not exempted from those challenges. Understandably, some members have even decided to postpone renewing with TMS to cut down their expenses. We cannot thank our members enough for your overall support through every stage of our growth. The Journal of The Masonic Society will continue to be published for many years to come because of you!

As part of our current strategic plan, TMS will be undergoing a few changes in the coming months with the goal of improving our operations and processes while building and improving communication with our members. Some of the changes may be noticeable and some may not. We are constructing a new website and reviewing our procedures for processing new memberships. We also acknowledge that the post-Covid economy has burdened us with rising costs for printing, materials, and postage, but we are dedicated to responding to subscription and customer service issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We humbly ask for your continued patience as these changes are implemented and express a sincere gratitude for your role in nurturing and cultivating what TMS has become. Our commitment to excellence and service to Freemasonry is unwavered.

Thank you.

E. Oscar Alleyne, FMS

President, The Masonic Society