Nathan C. Brindle, Secretary-Treasurer

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Nathan C. Brindle, Secretary-Treasurer
The Masonic Society
PO Box 681016
Indianapolis, IN 46268-7016

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Before submitting your question, please do read the section entitled “What we are not” on the main contact page.  The Masonic Society does not represent or claim to be a central nexus or clearinghouse for the Masonic Fraternity at large.  As such, I will not respond to questions asking for help with genealogical tracing or how to join a lodge or how to contact a particular lodge or grand lodge, or any of the other things that the main contact page says we don’t do.  This is very much a part-time position and I simply don’t have time to respond to such inquiries.  If your question has to do with anything other than the Masonic research society known as The Masonic Society, please contact the Grand Lodge in your state or the local lodge in your town or city and see if they can assist you.  Thanks for your understanding.