Secretary’s Minute

For anyone who is wondering why I have been very silent for the last couple of weeks, particularly anyone who has recently joined or renewed but hasn’t yet received a response from me — We went on vacation two weeks ago today and I thought I had added a vacation notice to the join and renew pages like I normally do, to indicate that I would be out of the office and not processing anything until today (7/2/2018).  Apparently I neglected to do that, for which my apologies.

I am working through the backlog now and will be sending out cards and (to new members) patents and pins and all the stuff.  If I owe you back issues, that will be handled as well.  I know I have at least one order hanging in the store and that will be taken care of this week.

By the way:  We have a pretty extensive stock of back issues.  The only ones not available are #2 and #5 (we simply don’t have any left to sell).  We’d really like to move these back issues out, so if you have any interest (or want a set for your lodge, whatever), please navigate over to https://themasonicsociety.com/store and see what’s on offer.  Back issues are $5 each for US and Canada ($10 each for other overseas purchasers, because even 1st Class standard flats are priced ruinously when they go anywhere but the US and Canada).  Note:  If you are an overseas purchaser, and you want to order a large number of back issues (we’ll say more than 5), please DO NOT use the store to order your magazines — instead, email me directly at secretary -at- themasonicsociety.com and I will work up an exact quote for you for the postage.

Thanks for your patience, sorry for my forgetfulness, and thank you for being a member of The Masonic Society!

— Nathan Brindle, Secretary-Treasurer