New Year, New Look

Well — newer look, anyway 🙂

TMS has just completed a hosting switch, and moved from an old clunky Joomla CMS front end to a nice shiny WordPress front end.  It was less work than I anticipated, but it was less than easy because of the need to move a lot of home-brewed functionality over into WordPress.

While the new site looks a lot like the old site, the move into WordPress has given us more latitude to change look-and-feel, and to add new features, going forward.

In the move, I tried to click everything I could click and ensure that everything worked.  We’re still finishing up a few minor things like contact forms, but everything else should be working.  Should you run across something that throws and error or doesn’t seem to work properly, please feel free to let us know at webmaster – at – themasonicsociety.com .