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Membership/Subscription Renewal Policy

Membership dues and subscription fees are always due and payable in advance. The Society divides its annual renewals into a quarter system, so that roughly 25% of the membership will receive a dues notice in a given quarter, depending on the quarter in which they originally joined or subscribed. The quarters are April-June, July-September, October-December, and January-March.

New members and subscribers get the issue of the Journal that is current in the quarter in which they sign up. By the beginning of the quarter in which their renewal falls, therefore, they should have received the four copies to which their annual dues or fees entitle them.

Renewal Notices

In order to avoid billing in arrears for the Journal, the Society sends renewal notices approximately sixty days before your membership expires. The expiration date printed on your dues card or subscription acknowledgement is the last day of the calendar quarter in which your anniversary date falls. For instance, if your membership expires on March 31, your dues notice will be sent on February 1, and will be payable no later than March 31.

There is one notice sent to members and subscribers, which, as noted above, is sent approximately sixty days before the due date. Failure to pay by thirty days after the due date results in an automatic suspension of membership (including forum access rights) or of subscription without further notice. The Secretary-Treasurer may, at his discretion, send a notice of arrearage after the due date.


Suspension for non-payment of dues occurs 30 days after the due date. While membership is suspended, forum access is also suspended. We do not delete forum accounts in order that they can be reactivated when a suspended member pays his arrearage and is restored to full membership.

Restoration from Suspension

Members and Subscribers whose membership or subscription has lapsed may renew their memberships/subscriptions in the usual manner. There is no need to make a specific request for restoration; simply sending in a renewal, either online or by mail, will suffice.

Memberships and subscriptions lapsed less than one year will be renewed as of the date of the lapse, and all unsent and available back issues to that point will be sent immediately with your new membership card. If you fit into this category and you are close to the next renewal date, you may want to consider renewing for 2 years rather than 1; otherwise please be aware that you will receive another renewal notice in the near future.

The above notwithstanding, please note that if your restoration renewal is received less than 30 days before the next renewal date, and your payment is for a single year, you will be renewed as of the next renewal date going forward and will NOT receive the unsent back issues. In other words, if your membership expired on 31 Dec 2014 and your renewal payment for one year is received on 15 Dec 2015, we will renew you for the period 1 Jan 2016 through 31 Dec 2016. If you are renewing during this period and want us to send you the unsent and available back issues for the year during which you were suspended, please pay for TWO years.

Memberships and subscriptions lapsed more than one year will be renewed as of the date of renewal, seniority between the date of the lapse and the date of renewal will be lost, and no back issues will be sent. (Back issues may be ordered separately (depending upon availability) from our online store.)

More Information

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Secretary-Treasurer.

(May 6, 2012) (December 24, 2015)